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The SSS Winch Challenge Series began in 2008 ....


The SSS Winch Challenge tests each teams’ recovery skills and teamwork through various obstacles while under the pressure of time. 

All this is done on a track designed to test teams and vehicles while showcasing their skills and ingenuity to spectators and fellow competitors.

The event runs over 10 special stages with each stage offering a variety of different environments from speed to extreme terrain.

Penalties are given if safety procedures are not followed and also for various other infringements.

At the commencement of the SSS Winch Challenge vehicles were split into 2 classes, modified and standard.

Modified class can be highly modified e.g. large capacity V8, coil over suspension. 

Standard class is designed to mimic everyday vehicles driven on public roads. 

Over the years with more modified vehicles and less standard vehicles competing it was decided to combine both groups. 

Open class was started. 

All of our events are spectator and family friendly.

Events are held at Landcruiser Mountain Park, Jimna. 

Advertising in 4WD Action/ Dirt Comp/ 4x4 Australia. 

The events will be announced on
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We have a range of opportunities available for companies that wish to showcase their products and services to the growing industry of 4x4 sport.

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Upcoming Events

16 Dec 2019;
School Holidays QLD
25 Dec 2019;
Christmas Day
26 Dec 2019;
Boxing Day
01 Jan 2020;
New Years Day
26 Jan 2020;
Australia Day